Custom Web Site Design

Web Design

We take great care in building custom websites designed to attract targeted customers and drive sales to local businesses.Our focus is on clean design that's simple to use and navigate, and carefully planned to convert web visitors into customers. Does your business needs a high performance website? Yes it does.

Locally Targeted Internet Marketing

Local Search Marketing

Did you know people are searching online in your local area for what you have to offer? Let them find you with our proven local internet marketing techniques. Search engines are the biggest source of traffic and deliver highly targeted visitors. Search marketing will send valuable visitors to your website.

Website Applications

Application Development

Websites can be much more than just static pages with text and pictures. Custom web applications like ecommerce shopping, appointment booking, content management systems, etc. can enhance the performance of your website as a marketing tool.

Geo-Targeted Web Hosting

Website Hosting

We supply web hosting with local in mind. With 3 locations across North America our small business web hosting will deliver fast downloads and help your site with local search optimization. With 2 servers in the US and one in Canada our hosting solutions have you covered.

Local has Arrived Online

Is Your Business Ready?

Have you noticed that you've begun to search more and more for local goods and services online? Lots of people are doing so. This has been a growing trend for the past couple years and has reached a point where local small businesses absolutely need to be online.

And it's only going to get better.

Search Drives Local Business

Honestly, it's a simple concept. A great web site, with good search engine rankings, will produce new business for you. Imagine potential customers in your area going to a search engine, like Google, and finding your site—all without any work on your part. Your optimized web site will work 24 hours a day to find you new business.

It's a fact. People who search for businesses in your area are buyers. If your optimized web site gets their attention, you get the business. If not, your competition does.

Convert Web Traffic Into Customers

Once you have the traffic your website must perform. Attractive design will present a professional image and instill a sense of trust. Compelling content will trigger a positive response. Easy navigation, integration of useful web applications and a well planned site layout will guide users along the path to becoming your next customer.

The Perfect Partner to Your Business

We are experts, hotshots even, in the field of local SEO. Benefit from our experience to produce a profitable online marketing strategy for your business. You no longer need to feel intimidated about taking your business online or feel its just too complicated, technical or time consuming for you.

Let us handle it. That's what we do. You can continue to handle the parts of your business you know best. Serving your local customers.

We're simply here to send you more of them.

Let's get started today.